Looking to scale your business? Wondering how many have went from a team of 1 to many?

We are all looking to scale our business. We all wonder how to go from a one man or woman team to a small corporation. Why not move toward that today?

Learn now to take the necessary steps to scale your business or current hobby.

Proven processes that show you how to turn your hobby or even full time job into something that can be contracted and potentially multiply your profits. This set of items and learning material will give you the tools that have worked for several industries and firms that successfully added substantial clients and revenue for their business. This is for entrepreneurs and those with a growing business.

How2Scale: Our Founder

Reginald Parks, Jr., MBA

Reginald Parks of Reality Marketing Group, LLC. has helped several businesses with their online and marketing presence. From helping businesses develop a brand to creating legitimate ways to create a revenue stream, both have been his passion through his business and involvement. With this program, there are multiple items that he and his team will share with you that he has shared with multiple successful business owners and some of the things that he has learned in his years as an entrepreneur.


Reginald was once in the same position as a lot of small businesses. This position is where you may be trying to identify processes that will help your company compete with those within your space in a fashion that you can deliver your product efficiently if not even better than the others in your field. These tools have been prepared to give you as an owner the knowledge that Reginald and many others that have sustainable businesses have gotten during their time transforming their business from a part-time, small business, or simply less functional business into a complete revenue generating company.

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How2Scale: What is in it for you?


Business Tools

Get tools that will immediately help your company with functionality and scale-ability. These are tools that help your processes, the on boarding of new clients, and the internal items that are used day to day so that you can continue to work on your business.


Proven Content

This content is proven to help businesses flourish. From the proposal templates to the business plan documents, these are real items that have helped companies multiply their revenue. You will learn and take direct examples from other business owners who have over years created best practices.



You will have proven professionals in business to help and analyze your business and your business practices. From the documents that you use to the overall processes, you will have a team on your site and a consultant that can help you view your business.

 Get the most important items in your business processes today!